Tort Litigation Assessments

  • Compensatory Damages
    • “Cost of Re-Education Assessments and Valuations”
    • Wrongful Death Valuations / Co-Dependency Rate Reviews
    • Present Value of Future Cost of Care Assessment
    • Attendant Care, Housekeeping and Caregiving Assessments and Reviews
    • Future Care Cost / Life Care Plans
    • Loss of Earnings Assessments
    • Loss of Earning Capacity Evaluations
    • Loss of Services Assessment
  • General Damages
    • Loss of guidance, Care and Companionship assessments Pecuniary Damages Assessments (Loss of mental and physical Capacity, loss of enjoyment of life etc.)
  • Clinical / Published Research Reviews and Summary Reports

Labour / Employment Litigation Assessments

  • Ergonomics
    • Ergonomic Risk Analysis for use in Union / Employer Disputes
    • Risk Management
    • Human Factors Consultation
  • Return to Work Management
    • Physical and Cognitive Demands Analysis
    • Functional Abilities Evaluations
    • File and Disability Management
    • Independent Medical Examinations
    • Return to Work programming
  • Clinical / Published Research Reviews and Summary Reports

Family / Assessments

  • Work Capacity
  • Vocational Aptitude Testing
  • Services / Task Distribution Assessments

Immigration / Assessments

  • Future Health Reserve Setting